Bullet Hell

‘Bullet Hell’ is a third person shooter – without the shooter. Made as part of a two week Game Jam during my degree, this game sees you play as a bullet, zipping around an office building to take out bad guys. The player can slow down time and angle the bullet’s ricochets to hit all the enemies in the quickest time.


A level design created in google SketchUp, this project gave me an insight into how designers and artists must work together. The design was featured in SketchUp’s Best of Blocktober 2019.


A third-person platformer based around stopping time made in UE4, made as part of my university degree in which I make a new working level prototype every two weeks. This has taught me how to streamline an idea and make it work in a short time span.

Hack & /

Made in 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2020, ‘Hack & /’ is a puzzle platformer about fixing an infected computer.